How design impacts your business?

How design impacts your business?

Design is not merely eye candy. It is not only about choosing the right colors and the appropriate font style. More than creating alluring aesthetics, design is what is behind the success of every company. The past years have proved that good design benefits businesses in several ways. Here are some of them:

1. Good design makes good impression

Humans are visual creatures, which is why design plays a huge role in fostering the ambience or vibe of your business. In less than three seconds it takes a person to focus on a loaded webpage, that person has already formed an opinion about its content, greatly influenced by the website’s layout. Of course, a clean, professional design would make the impression that your business is legitimate while a cluttered website with Comic Sans as font style would make the impression of a silly one. As the saying goes, “first impressions last,” and good design is the key in making that great lasting impression to your consumers.

2. Good design boosts sales

Statistics after statistics have proved that good design actually boosts sales. In fact, according to The Design Council, for every $100 a business invests on design, there is a $225 increase in turnover. With technology making it easier for smaller businesses to infiltrate the market, having a good design proves to be an advantage. Top companies like Nike and Apple actually have executive-level positions for design and this has helped increase revenue in billions.

3. Good design complements your great content

Your business’ website may be complete with all the information one would think of to ask about your services, even presented in a well-written way with zero grammatical errors. However, this does not guarantee that everyone will scan your website with pleasure. Great content is sometimes bypassed by readers if the overall appearance is bleak. With good design, the audience’s attention is grabbed, working like a beckoning hand, inviting the reader to read your site’s content.

4. Good design equals user-friendly

For an application to serve its purpose, the user should be able to understand and use it easily. With effective design, complex ideas can be presented in a manner incredibly easier to digest. For example, in online shopping applications, design done right can add logic to your interface, guiding the user along the process.

5. Good design makes you remarkable

When we see a swoosh, Nike automatically comes to mind, the same way we think of Adidas when we see three stripes. These are examples of successful logos that helped these companies establish an identity, acting as visual cues every time we set eyes on them. Choosing the right brand by good design is the key in making your company memorable and timeless.

6. Design helps garner shares and popularity

It would be impossible to scroll through any social media sites without coming across promoted advertisements, or even campaign advertisements shared by friends. With 91% of adults keeping their smartphones within their reach, having a strong online presence has become undoubtedly important for businesses. An eye-catching, attention-grabbing design that effectively gets the message across greatly helps in spreading news about your product, which would consequently boost sales.

7. Design is becoming increasingly more important

A survey of small business owners conducted by 99graphics, showed that 67% of them expect graphic design to become increasingly more important over the next five years. Actually, this is already evident even in the micro level. Most people nowadays would check store websites first before actually going to the physical locations. A good design helps in giving an engaging experience online that will result to successful sale as well.

These eight points prove that design has a huge impact on businesses. Investing on quality and effective design now can only ensure future profits. Remember, design does not only make your product visually appealing but also gives the consumers a glimpse of your company’s goals and aspirations.