Brand Consultancy

Brand Development

Do you know what goes on in the mind of your customers when they are shopping for goods and services?

Customers often have certain aspirations and desires when going through the process of searching and decision-making.

Knowing what key words and messages that your customers respond to and look out for, can help you become more effective in your marketing efforts.
With professional brand audit and market research, you can become more effective in maximizing your advertising and marketing budget by:
• Knowing what the aspirations and desires of your customers are
• Understanding the keywords and messages your customers look out for and respond to
• Designing your marketing collateral and branding around the right keywords and images that your customers look out for
The brand audit and market research will be conducted using a combination of tools ranging from Surveys, Focus Group Discussions or Interviews.
Capability Development Grant (CDG) support available!

Market Strategy Development

Successful Brands understand the importance of aligning its external branding with its internal processes and employees. When there is internal alignment with external marketing messages, brands can create a positive customer service experience that delivers to the standards and expectations of their customers.

Based on our findings in the Brand Audit and Market Research phase, we will work with brand owners and their different departments to:

• Explore and identify what these customer expectations and desires mean to them on a personal level, at a department level and at a company level
• Engage with internal stakeholders and employees on how these insights can be incorporated meaningfully into the brand’s overall marketing and visual communication strategy
• Brainstorm and develop possible ideas and suggestions on how these can be incorporated in its overall marketing and visual communication strategy across print and digital platforms
By involving members from the different departments within the company, we can start building a marketing and visual communication strategy for the brand that is not just desired by customers, but also understood and embraced by the firm’s internal staff.
Based on the findings from the brand audit and market research phase as well as the ideas and suggestions provided by the brand’s internal staff, our consultants will work with our in-house visual designers to create a set of visual communication concept that embodies these desired brand values and key marketing messages.

Through the concepts presented, you will be able to visualize how the new brand identity and its visual components can come together across different platforms in both print and digital.
With this common visual identity and brand concept, you will be able to:
• Develop marketing collateral and communication that engages in a positive way with what your potential customers desire
• Achieve greater market place brand recognition as your brand becomes more recognizable in the market place with your signature style of visual identifiers

Become more consistent in your branding and marketing approach as you brainstorm and develop new campaigns and promotions across the different holiday seasons

Capability Development Grant (CDG) support available!